Socialterminals offers a ground breaking, innovative approach to building your online presence, working with you to define and implement the right strategy to unleash your brand onto the world, from designing and customizing your online channels to building the ultimate distribution strategy.

Founded in October of 2010, socialterminals CEO, crafted socialterminals under the vision of providing SMB’s with the same level of technology and marketing tools available to fortune 500’s. And with that vision socialterminals has become the most advanced social media management platform today, offering groundbreaking tools and technology, driving higher results, increasing user interaction, purchasing intent, conversion and ultimately revenue.

As investors who place high value on creativity and strategy, socialterminals maps the lifecycle and direction of your company.

 Shani Peled, CEO of socialterminals “socialterminals is an incubator to nurture your vision to its fullest potential. We are completely open house for our partners”.

The socialterminals platform integrates a variety of tools all designed to help your brand identify, target and engage their audience.

The socialterminals investment and mentorship program turns talented entrepreneurs into genuine leaders and their concepts into towers.

Primarily, socialterminals invests in seed-stage start-up companies in the fields of Software, Communications, Internet, Media, social shopping and advertising. Coming on board with socialterminals, we make it our mission to provide you with a host of customized services, including financing, hands-on management, product development, distribution, marketing and strategic guidance.

Socialterminals guides you through the entire cycle of securing the funds needed for your venture to bloom and bear fruit, maintaining the necessary financial support required to sustain your brand and take it to its furthest potential.

For more information contact info@socialterminals.com 


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