Using Instagram for your small business?

 Since purchased last year, the Facebook-owned Instagram has flourished. The post-purchase growth jumped 500% in just a year, going from 22 million active monthly users to nearly 100 million current active users.

Here are 5 helpful tips for setting your business social media plan with Instagram

#1 Cultivate a Following

Connect photos to other social media outlets such as Facebook, twitter and Google+. Share all your fun and business related images with the public.

#2 Utilize Insta Video

The newest video feature of Instagram has given video sharing apps such as Vine a serious run for their money. When compared, Insta video exceled in many way over Vine, having a longer video record time, the application of filters, the option to use front camera and importing prerecorded videos into your Insta video.  Insta video a great way for fans and consumers to get a closer insde lok to brands., such as sharing behind the scene shoots, and interviews.  You may wan to consider integrating thse video with your brands personal blog, extending the reach of your content. Peanuts’ Snoopygram (26,962) was the most-shared branded video on Instagram, followed by EA Sport’s FIFA 14 real-time spot (16,499) and a promo for HBO’s popular TV show ‘Girls’ (15,376).The total number of unique Instagram videos shared on Twitter was 176,016, which is equivalent to ten per cent of the unique YouTube videos shared on Twitter during the same period (1,871,530). Nine out of ten Instagram video shares occurred on Facebook.

#3 Generate a posting plan

Remember, you don’t need to post to your instgram every day. Collect a number of video and photos and decide what is best to post and create a posting plan. You never want to force your brand onto followers, so constructing a strategic posting schedule will have a positive effect on your views, likes, and followers.

#4 Market Your Brand Using Trends

#MancrushMonday, #followfriday, #Fashion, using popular hash tags and trends on your instagram allows your business to join a larger visual community of consumers who enjoy what your brand has to offer. Using a popular hashtag shortens the process of prospective buyers finding their perfect product from your company.

#5 Reward Followers

Collins Paris describes how American Express “offers its followers backstage entries to events such as fashion shows, concerts and even the U.S. Open.” Retail brands should offer reward their followers with discount codes, promos, and passes to company events.







Top 5 Mobile Fashion Apps To Use On The Go

In the modern days of competitive fashion blogging and advanced design, technology is becoming more and more a fashion staple and multiple app creators compete to create ready-to-use interactive fashion experience for mobile users. We made a selection of our favorite five fashion apps that will help organize your closet, make a easy decision when you’re hesitating between, for example, two cocktail dresses for the next party and interact with other fashionistas:

1. Reqoop ( is a mobile app that allows you to take pictures from your favorite stores and upload them to the site. The concept can be described as “Instagram meets Foursquare”. You can take photos from basically any store but the photos taken from the stores participating in the Reopen Network get more showings. The users are encouraged to take and share photos with various incentives and rewards that get unlocked the more you post. We like the idea because it’s simple, interactive and benefits everyone – from shoppers to designers to retailers. The list of participating boutiques has something for everybody: from high-end luxury staples like Hèrmes, Gucci and Jimmy Shoo to more basic brands like Camper and POLO Ralph Lauren.

Available for iPhone

2. Stylitics ( advertise themselves as “the largest digital closet closet platform on the web”. Through their mobile app (or website, if you prefer) you can do things like planning and sharing outfits, getting style advice, seeing what your friends are wearing… For example if you’re wondering which one out of three bags to buy you can ask your friends at Stylitics to help you with the decision. Another cool perk is the “item stats” – the app can measure how many times you wore a certain item, rank it as “most/less worn item”, follow how long ago you wore it last and how much did it cost you “per wear” so far. You can create a private style chat with friends, stylists and celebrities and browse through celebrities’ closets. Stylitics gains more and more users and has been featured in Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Vogue, Matchable and more!

Available for Android and Phone

3. Poshmark ( is another cool fashion app that allows you to sell items from your closet with your phone and buy stuff from other users. Something like a virtual/mobile swap meeting or what would happen if eBay combines with Instagram. We think this is a really fresh idea and one of the few that actually bring money to you and not only make you spend more! Users can find new home for old clothes and make some extra money or save a trip to the vintage store. It’s a free app but keep in mind that Poshmark keeps 20% of the money if you get to sell something.

Available for Android and Iphone

4. If you always secretly (or not) wanted to become a stylist WiShi ( is the app for you. Using the camera of your mobile phone you can take photos of your clothes and they get added to your virtual closet as pretty packed images. Then you mingle with other users and style each other putting together outfits. It’s all about bringing social media and fashion together and we love it! Another plus is the sleek, adorable design and the cute owl logo!

Available for Iphone

5. Pose ( is an app with a mission to help indecisive shoppers who need a second opinion different from tendentious salesman’s one. So in case you’re in the middle of your shopping spree and your BFF is away you can ask for help other users. You can also neatly organize items you already own and some you wish to buy. Another good thing is that Pose hooks you up with people with similar to your taste – once you sing-up you fill out a short survey to identify your personal style and find people with similar taste. Moreover, you can follow your favorite brands and retailers and keep updated about upcoming sales and specials.

Available for Android and Iphone