socialterminals’ Social Media Do’s and Don’ts.

Social media marketing is no easy task. But in today’s business world, building a brand’s social media presence is quickly becoming a necessity for companies of all sizes. socialterminals understand this, and, lucky for you, we’re happy to help.  With this in mind, we’re very excited to introduce our new weekly blog installment: Social Media Do’s and Don’ts. Check out our first posting below for some quick and fun (we think) tips on social media engagement.

Social Media Engagement.

Engagement is what separates social media marketing from all other forms of advertising. It’s the fruit at the bottom of your yogurt, the stuffed crust on your pizza. Just getting your name out there is no longer enough, you need to be able to entertain your audience and make them want to hear from you. If your audience likes to engage with you, they’ll likely purchase from you.  Here’s a few easy ways to get your target audience listening and keeping them from hitting mute.

Do: Find your venue.

You know your company’s target audience; do you know where to find them? Social media channels all have their own niche demographics; just guessing is like playing darts blindfolded: it’s ineffective and somebody’s probably going to lose an eye (or maybe not– but do you want to take that risk?) Focusing on the channels that your audience uses most will save you heaps of time (and money) and will have the biggest impact on your ROI.

 Losing an eye, losing your ROI: either way, Lisa in accounting is about to have a bad day.

Losing an eye, losing your ROI: either way, Lisa in accounting is about to have a bad day.

Are your B2B? Make sure your LinkedIn account is polished and active. In fashion? Show yourself off on Instagram, and let others show you off on Pintrest.

Do: Mix it up!

With media coming from all over, all the time, people’s attentions are becoming more and more difficult to hold. We need a lot of stimulation to maintain interest. Make sure you’re giving your audience what they want, not just what you want to give them.  Figure out what your audience likes outside of your own brand and use this knowledge to generate engaging content. People will be much more willing to listen to you talk about your brand if it’s not the only thing you talk about. Fashion industry: keep up with the art crowd. Hotels: know your beaches and travel tips. And of course, cat pictures– never underestimate the power of good cat meme.

Cats: winning the internet since 2007.
Cats: winning the internet since 2007.

Do: Give it up!

The best incentive for doing anything ever has always been free stuff. People love deals; offering some exclusively through social media channels will get you a huge boost in followers. And, because you know people using that deal all came through social media, you’ll easily be able to calculate your ROI on each campaign. Bonus!

Don’t: Be a loudmouth.

We all know one: that kid from grade school, your coworker, the weird smelling guy on the bus—someone who just loves to talk. And regardless of all your passive aggressive attempts to seem disinterested, they just don’t get the hint until you’re walking away, midsentence. Don’t be that. Don’t be the smelly guy on the bus.

"Let me tell you why soaps' a waste of money..."
“Let me tell you why soaps’ a waste of money…”

It’s important to be active and post frequently if you want to be heard in the social sphere, but it’s also important to find a balance. Your audience isn’t on social media to hear only from you. Be noticeable, but don’t be annoying. It’s always best to leave your audience wanting more than wanting less. If you’re clogging up your audience’s news feeds with too much irrelevant information, you’re likely going to lose followers, and thus, potential clients.

And that’s it! That’s all you need to know to be successful at social media marketing (until next week, of course). TTFN!  And remember: if you’re not having fun with social media, you’re not doing it right!



socialterminals Joins the Lionette Pride.

New York, NY (August 15, 2013)- socialterminals has teamed up with NYC jeweler, Loinette, to help the brand further their reach in the social sphere. Aiming to increase brand awareness and sales through online marketing, Lionette is looking to socialterminals to help maintain and grow their social presence. Aside from implementing a new online store front, Socialterminals will be working with Lionette to fortify their brand’s voice, boost their social media reach, and turn fans into patrons. 

Vanessa Lee and Noa Sade, originally from China and Israel respectively, founded Lionette in 2009 after meeting in New York and becoming friends almost immediately. An embodiment of female empowerment with a twist of NYC style, Lionette has quickly captured the attention of the fashion industry, being featured in top fashion magazines and blogs including In Style, Marie Claire, Lucky, and O Magazine.

Originally, Lionette’s Jewelry was only available at select high-end fashion stores such as Anthropology, Henri Bendel, Montmartre, Elyse Walker and Fred Segal, but now, with the help of socialterminals, Lionette’s wares will be available globally through both their brand website and Facebook page.

 socialtemrinals, founded by CEO and fellow female business mogul, Shani Peled, is very happy to help share Lionette’s story, lending their social media expertise, and allowing the two fashionistas to utilize the socialterminals platform to create, monitor, and analyze their social media endeavors easily and effectively.

 Aside from further establishing themselves as authorities in the fashion industry, Lionette and socialterminals hope to ignite passion in women around the world, and showcase their efforts through social media campaigns in the near future.

 About socialterminals.

socialterminals offers a ground breaking, innovative approach to building your online presence, working with you to define and implement the right strategy to unleash your brand onto the world, from designing and customizing your online channels to building the ultimate distribution strategy.

Founded in October of 2010, the CEO, Shani Peled, crafted socialterminals with a vision of providing SMB’s with the same level of technology and marketing tools available to fortune 500’s. The socialterminals platform integrates a variety of tools all designed to help your brand identify, target and engage their audience – see more at:

 About Lionette

When they first met in 2008, Noa Sade and Vanessa Lee felt an instant connection.  From their positive outlook on life, strong core values, love of travel, and of course, passion for jewelry and fashion, the two bonded over their commonalities and quickly became the best of friends.

In September of 2009, Lionette was born with the vision of creating  a brand and a collection that was both glamorous and unique, that would stand out in the industry and be the perfect accessory for any occasion, day or night.  The dream was to work together as best friends and business partners, doing what they each loved most- visit their website at: