Socialterminals: Celebrating the Unique with Gypsy Global and Social Media.

Socialterminals is happy to announce their partnership with old world jeweler, Gypsy Global. Gypsy plans to leverage Socialterminals’ expertise in the social media realm to raise brand awareness, drive consumers to their new online store, and help share their brand’s unique-style philosophy with the world through social media.

Working closely with Gypsy Global, Socialterminals will be training the vintage jeweler in the art of social media, building them an ecommerce site, and allowing them to utilize the Socialterminals platform to create, monitor, and analyze their social media efforts all from one central hub.

A family-run business, Gypsy Global has been lauded by both the art and fashion communities for their unique, handcrafted wares– being featured in magazines such as Vogue, Bello, and Icon. Gypsy is excited to be joining the social sphere with help from Socialterminals, not only for the opportunity offered by social media to increase revenue, but also for the chance to connect with others who share in their belief, and they’re motto, that it is always best to “stray the course!”

Gypsy Global’s passion for the unique is an exciting aspect for Socialterminals. Working with Gypsy– true connoisseurs of the curious– Sociaterminals is looking forward to creating some fun and interesting content (as well as meeting some interesting people) as they help Gypsy develop their brand’s voice through social media.

Follow Gypsy Global on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and help them in their efforts to celebrate the unique, the exotic, and the wonderful.

About Gypsy Global.

Gypsy believes that great style is a reflection of each person’s unique spirit, rather than a fleeting trend. Their mission is to discover traditionally handcrafted jewelry and textiles, and reintroduce them in the context of modern fashion – You can check out their online store front here:


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