The Essentials for a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Starting a social media campaign is almost like staring into a box full of unrecognizable tools – the process can be confusing and frustrating. Books, new articles, and campaign managers have all tried to explain the best methods to launch a successful campaign. In the article, 20 Essentials to Power-Up Your Social Media Strategy, by Akshay Brijkrishan, the author tries to explain the essentials for a social media campaign. Brijkrishan provides his readers with advice on hashtags, branding, creating a content calendar, enhancing their pages, and using Google Adwords.

Brijkrishan urges his readers to keep their social media marketing strategies simple and organized. According to Brijkrishan, hashtags should be “small and precise” and should not be two words together. Furthermore, he notes that adding a Google tracking code to your landing page for ads is very important. Brijkrishan suggests targeting your fan base by using both Google AdWords and the Google’s Remarketing tool with the same wording on your Facebook page. Additionally,  Brijkrishan recommends using Google Adwords’ coupons because it’s an effective way to convert users back to your page. He also recommends using the link to promote your brand.

According to Brijkrishan, using a content calendar is an essential tool for an effective social media strategy. The calendar allows you to take your entire strategy into consideration. He suggests including all popular sporting events, important holidays, and birth/ death anniversaries on the calendar. The article emphasizes the efficiency of using Twitter to disseminate information logged on your calendar as opposed to other social channels. Enhancing your Facebook and Twitter pages can give you the edge needed to have a successful social media campaign. Brijkrishan states that your Twitter page should include widgets that provide your customers with different categories from which to choose. When referring to an article or a web page, he suggests keeping it simple by posting just the URL. The article cautions to avoid using auto replies as it is important to give the audience a more personalized experience. Furthermore, he argues that you should create complaint lists  on Twitter which will contribute to the development of a damage control system. In addition, he urges people to use Twitter lists,, klout and Peerindex to find out whom to follow on Twitter. On another note, he argues that companies should take into account the time that a tweet is released and the gender being targeted. Youtube can be a great way, “to announce information to first time users.” He also advises sending out emails to those who liked you on Facebook and pack all reactive and content posts together. Moreover, when deciding on a Facebook profile picture, he  suggests asking yourself if it looks good on your news feed. He also tells his readers to use words like “Check it out”, “It’s here”, “Out now” and “I bet you didn’t hear this” because these are key words that help your audience to click on your content.

While Brijkrishan provides valuable insights for maximizing the benefits of social media use, his methods are more time consuming than need be. Managing social presence on a manual level is generally not cost effective and makes it challenging if not impossible to measure ROI. Going from page to page to manage content is a time waster and will ultimately increase overhead expenses and negatively impact your ROI. An effective social media management platform eliminates these problems. With multiple channels and ever increasing pages, your data grows exponentially and you will need an intelligent system to handle this mountain of information.

That said, it is important to think about which vendor you’re going to use to solve the problem. For example, where are you concentrating your efforts; is it on campaign marketing, service and supports or maybe it is analytics.  Where do you want to concentrate your efforts? Is it campaign marketing and analytics? For now that might be enough but in future you might want to have a vendor that focuses on  campaign marketing, analytics, service and support. While some vendors can only provide analytics and campaign marketing, socialterminals is the only platform that provides campaign marketing, analytics, service and support. 

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What’s More Cost Effective Google or facebook?

         Which social media network makes more sense for your marketing dollars, Google + or Facebook?  In the article Do Facebook Ads Really Have 35 times the Reach of Google, by Chris Horton, Horton argues against internet marketing guru Brain Carter’s belief that, “You’re much better off spending 100 bucks on Facebook ads over Google.” Moreover, Horton believes that Carter does not provide any evidence to support his claims and that his data is exaggerated. While Horton believes that Carter has no evidence to prove his claims, he does believe that the formatting of facebook gives advertisers a bigger advantage over Google.

        Horton believes since facebook is more personalized than Google that facebook has an advantage when it comes to spending on advertising. Facebook allows advertisers to target users based on their location, age, gender, relationship status, languages, education and specific workplaces. In addition to the formatting of facebook, Horton argues that facebook’s 850 million-strong user base and large database allows it to target your audience more efficiently. Contrary to facebook’s data information, Horton states, “Google’s search advertising page, by contrast, is much less detailed. You can target by location, languages and devices, yes, but Google’s targeting page is mainly keyword-focused.” In the end, Horton urges advertisers to use both social media outlets. Overall Horton analysis, is very confusing not because he is confusing but because managing social media outlets can be very tough. If one is to budget their social media marketing campaign, they must know which social media outlet helps them best reach their audience. Data collection on social media outlets can be messy and overwhelming. Furthermore, learning to manage multiple social outlets can be time consuming and costly.

         Here at socialterminals, we can help you.  socialterminals is the essential web based software for social media management. socialterminals is the first intelligent social media management platform, offering a  selection of tools that allows marketers and advertisers to identify, target, and engage their audience and measure results from one central hub; cutting costs and improving message effectiveness. socialterminals offers tools like ‘key users’ that allows you to identify user ranking based on relevance and activity level and the ‘audience report’ tool which allows you to identify your audience through data collection and analysis. By allowing you to understand your audience’s sentiment, socialterminals will help you budget your social media campaign(s) regardless of the social media presence you choose.

Social Media is Traditional Marketing

Social media has become one of the most crucial parts of a marketing campaign.  Companies all over the world today use social media to market their products.  According to’s Debra Ellis, social media is starting to look like traditional marketing. While social media does incorporate new ways to reach out to people, Ellis argues that since social media outlets give preferences on advertising rates and special rates to companies with large budgets that social media marketing is no different than marketing. Furthermore, Ellis states that creativity used to be a great component in social marketing and now it’s all about who has more money. While the article discusses how big companies get ahead by buying out all the good features, it does emphasis that companies that are not a big branded company compete by having a good relationship with their audience and be creative at the same time.

Ellis provides a good argument but she fails to realize that like with anything big business will always have a bigger part in the marketing world. Almost every knows that, with every industry it is big money that will always have the last say. Ever since, the social media world started big money was preferred choice. Moreover, Ellis does provide good advice to companies that they should have a good relationship with their audience and be creative at the same time.  In order for a company to have a good relation with their audience they must be updated fluently on the response to their product. socialterminals helps companies build strong relationships with their audience and it also identifies their audience. Socialterminals provides you with an audience report where you can get to know your audience and a tool called ‘key users’ that allows you look at your audience based on their age, demographic and location. All of these features will allow you build a strong relationship with your audience and follow the interests of your audience. Like Ellis, socialterminals understands how social media is the essential tool to a marketing campaign.

What Does the facebook-Instagram Purchase Mean to the Online Marketing World?

facebook purchasing Instagram for 1 billion dollars!!!! Does this mean other big social media outlets will raise their raise their prices for advertising? Another question we have to ask ourselves: has social media become the central foundation to business growth? The answer to all of these questions are without a doubt yes. The purchase made by facebook has ultimately proven that social media marketing is an integral part of a business structure. As more people join social media outlets, companies have seen their advertising costs rise because the demand for social media has gone up. Facebook’s reason for buying Instagram is very much linked with the amount of user’s Instagram has.

According to Forbes Magazine, facebook bought Instagram because of its popularity, more data, and it wanted facebook to stay relevant in the photo-uploading world. The most important reason of their purchase has to do with data. The more data and users Instagram has, the more the site became a popular purchase.When facebook bought Instragram it purchased the data of its 30 million users. In December 2011, facebook had 483 million active users now it has 30 million more. The more data and users a social media outlet has, the more an advertising space will cost. The facebook-Instragram purchase has definitely made its mark on the social media-marketing world. In an interview with dutch media, Kevin Systrom CEO of Instagram, laughed and said, “ We were wishing for 2 billion but we got 1 billion. Oh well, shit happens.” For more on the interview click here. While it is true that it is unbelievable to think that a company that only has 13 employees was just purchased for 1 billion dollars, we must understand that the amount of data and users a social media outlet has affects the social media-marketing world.

socialterminals is the first intelligent social media platform, allowing marketers and advertisers to identify, target and engage their audience while reducing improving message effectiveness, reducing overhead and increasing ROI.

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